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What is an ultramarathon?

It is a walking race longer than the length of the traditional Marathon of 42,195 meters (26,2188 miles).


There are two types of ultramarathon events: those that cover a certain distance and those that take place during a specific time (the winner covers the most distance in the span of the competition time). The most common distances are 50 kms, 50 miles (80 kms), 100 kms and 100 miles (160 kms). It is worth noting that the mother race in the ultradistance is the Sparthatlón (the distance covered is 246 kms in a span of 36 hours).

Other distances and/or times include 6-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour and 48-hour races.


The format of these events and routes vary, finding from the circuit several laps (some as short as a 400-mts track) or point-to-point races on roads or circuits. The International Association of UltraRunners (IAU) organizes the world ultramarathon championships on an annual basis, presenting each country representatives in the distances.


World records of different distances, times and categories are recognized by the IAU.

Argentine Ultramarathon Association – AAU

The Argentine Association of Ultramarathonists (AAU) is a non-profit institution, to represent and support ultra-distance athletes. She is recognized by the Argentine Confederation of Athletics (CADA), a member of the International Association of Ultrarunners-IAU and thus participates in the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

This entity groups, mainly Argentine ultra-distance athletes and has as its central purposes:


  • The promotion of these sports activities in the country on the basis of strict ethical and sports conduct standards that ensure a sport (healthy and inclusive), without any discrimination or exclusion;
  • protection of the rights of runners, especially the health and safety of athletes during competitions;
  • support athletes competing abroad, especially those participating in competitions organized by the IAU; And
  • Application of international standards and anti-doping protocols in ultra-distance racing, in order to provide them with the high standards of quality, sports competence and physical safety.


  • The AAU adopts the concept of ultra-distance established by the IAU, which refers to different pedestrian races of greater distance than the Olympic marathon, whose characteristics are established in the various regulations of the IAU. Ultra-distance races include both track and route activity as well as on rural trails or mountains, as long as their duration (in hours) or their distance (miles or kms) exceeds the Olympic marathon.

Ultramarathon Baths of Rio Hondo

The running in Santiago del Estero and the North of the country, is an activity that brings together more and more followers, both amateur or professional, of all ages. Just take a tour of our park or coaster, to see solitary or group runners at any time of the day.


The marathon (42 kilometers 195 meters), is the queen of all distances, the dream of every runner. It's not speed, it's will and stamina, it's the race against yourself, against your body and your mind. Over the course of hours the runner goes through all possible emotional states: euphoria, joy, anxiety, anguish, pain, hopelessness, tiredness, exhaustion and passing the km 30 legs no longer respond, but the body asks to follow…


After exceeding 42 kms there are no limits for the body or mind: the runner is not the same person again after achieving it. The strength he won there never loses it.

For those who have already passed the marathon, the ultramarathon is the next step. The runner always wants more.


The objective of this ultramarathon is to put Santiago del Estero, more properly said to Termas de Río Hondo, in the racing calendar of the Argentine Association of Ultramarathons. Distinguishing ourselves on the map by this type of sporting event would be extremely satisfying, because we would give the opportunity to all those runners in the northwest of the country who want to prove theself in the ultradistance, to do so in a nearby place. This, enhanced to the international projection of the city to accompany this race, becomes a new experience, unique for runners of the country and neighboring countries. It should be clarified that this race was approved by national and international entities.

Format of the Ultramarathon Termas de Río Hondo

This competence will be endorsed by the AAU and the quality certificate (to be confirmed) granted by the IAU. This certificate attests that the race complies with the international rules in force for this type of competition. The brands achieved will be included in the national and international ranking.


For the first time it will run in Santiago del Estero and in the NOA region this type of Ultramarathon race, which, being endorsed by national and international bodies, will allow competitors to look for the minimum and direct mark to run in Greece the Sparthatlón , the mother of the ultramarathon. This race requires, in order to be in the draw, a mark of 100 kms in less than 10 hours or 180 kms in 24 hours. Both can be achieved at this event.


The format of this event will be an ultramarathon per time. Race times will be 6, 12 and 24 hours.


The circuit will be the Termas de Río Hondo International Autodrome.

The start date and time will be the 18th of August 2018, from 8:00 hs.

The place, Termas de Rio Hondo, Santiago del Estero.


Accreditation and delivery of kits to runners on August 17 (place to confirm)

There will be technical talks and dinner of carbohydrates, on the 17th of August 20:00 hs


The categories will be:

19 to 29 years 50 to 54 years

30 to 34 years 55 to 59 years

35 to 39 years 60 to 64 years

40 to 44 years 65 to 69 years

45 to 49 years 70 years and older.

The award will be by categories and general, both for ladies and gentlemen.

Why Termas de Río Hondo?

It is one of the most growing tourist destinations in recent years in the country. It has an infrastructure prepared to receive all kinds of people, international airport, various hotel offers and multiple offers in entertainment, both cultural and sports. It has one of the best Autodrodes in Latin America and in this case we would put this as an attraction outside of motorsport, giving it presence in the international calendar for a new type of event. The Autodromo's infrastructure has all the amenities to house a runner to make you feel at ease, as well as provide you with the security you need for such a race.


It will run through the pit area and adjacent straight of the autodrome. The total distance of the circuit will be 1500 meters.


The pit area will be used for the closed park of the test and place of run. Each association or team will have a box available for exclusive use. It has 75 boxes and attached photo of them.


Cupos en 6hs.


Cupos en 12hs.


Cupos en 24hs.