The 24-hour Continental could reach Las Termas

Fabián Campanini, America’s representative for the IAU, raised a report highlighting the infrastructure of the thermal city for the possible arrival of the international event.


Finished the Ultramarathon Termas de Río Hondo at the Autodromo

The second edition culminated in an important framework of people and participants, after a weekend full of rounds and qualifying series.


Ultramarathon Termas de Río Hondo: the second one is coming at the autodrome

This new edition poses new challenges if we compare it to the past, since it adds the 48hs mode, which will start on Friday, May 17, and the 12hs mode will be played at night.


Arilson Da Silva was invincible in Las Termas

The Brazilian athlete was the winner of the highest endurance event, 48 hours a day, in the second edition of the international competition.

Ultramarathon Termas de Rio Hondo

The running in Santiago del Estero and the North of the country, is an activity that brings together more and more followers, both amateur or professional, of all ages. Just take a tour of our park or coaster, to see solitary or group runners at any time of the day.

The marathon (42 kilometers 195 meters), is the queen of all distances, the dream of every runner. It’s not speed, it’s will and stamina, it’s the race against yourself, against your body and your mind. Over the course of hours the runner goes through all possible emotional states: euphoria, joy, anxiety, anguish, pain, hopelessness, tiredness, exhaustion and passing the km 30 legs no longer respond, but the body asks to follow…

After exceeding 42 kms there are no limits for the body or mind: the runner is not the same person again after achieving it. The strength he won there never loses it.

For those who have already passed the marathon, the ultramarathon is the next step. The runner always wants more.  >>Read more